Nurse Salary

Get nurse salary figures, postsecondary salary, registered nurse salary, postsecondary salary, midwife salary, nursing instructor salary, teacher salary and more by state:

Nurse Salary by State

9 Ways to Increase Your Average Nurses Salary

The state board of nursing directory below includes contacts, phone numbers, addresses, websites, and additional information by state:

1. Take on in-demand shifts.
2. Change location, city, or state.
3. Get a compact license.
4. Consider the whole package when applying for a new facility.
5. Make your value known by making your resume updated.
6. Become certified in a new specialty and acquire additional knowledge.
7. Get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).
8. Move into a managerial role.
9. Invest in additional education.

Nurse Salary by Country

Nursing is one of the professions in the world that has high demand overseas and provides a great job satisfaction with the great financial return in some countries.

Some countries are paying much more than others, watch this video to discover the top 10 countries that pay nurses the highest salaries.

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Nurse Salary

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